About Roatan and Honduras

About Roatan

Roatan has a temperate climate year around, a diverse topography with beaches and mountains, a developing economy, many English-speaking natives, and one of the most reasonable costs of living in the world. Honduras is a mysterious place known only second hand, if at all, by most the world. It is lush and varied, full of natural wonders, from its spectacular coral-studded reef to its ancient Mayan ruins.

Coconut, mango, wild plum, banana, papaya, cashew, grapefruit, oranges, lime, avocados and almond trees grow in profusion. The 700-foot-high hills covered with jungle foliage and the valleys at sea level create a refreshing topography not found in most Caribbean hideaways.

Honduras is more stable politically than other Central American countries. It is a democracy with enthusiastic participation in the election process.  And best of all for the traveler, Honduras is one of those few places on earth where living and traveling are still inexpensive.

Roatan, the largest of the three Bay Islands, was not previously a major international travel destination.  A new cruise ship dock now receives cruise ships and thousands of vacationers arrive by plane to enjoy what Roatan has to offer.

The Roatan airport is an international port of entry and can accommodate commercial jet service. Life on Roatan is simple. There are no large shopping malls, fast food chains or major department stores. There are several excellent restaurants around the island.

You will find a relaxed atmosphere on Roatan.  People are friendly, enjoy life, and welcome visitors and investors, particularly those who come with development in mind.

Surrounded by the second largest barrier reef in the world, Roatan offers excellent snorkeling and diving. The water is emerald or ice blue. Sailing and sea kayaking are popular.

There is one luxury hotel on Roatan, Fantasy Island Beach Resort. With this one exception, hotels on the island are not equipped with traditional amenities of 5 star resort hotels as in Hawaii. However, you will find cheap prices on this beautiful island.

Anthony’s Key Resort was voted the number one dive destination in the Caribbean by Skin Diver magazine in 1994.  CoCo View Resort has one of the highest occupancy rates on the island. There are several new resorts in the planning or construction stage right now.

International Living magazine has reported on the advantages and attractions of retirement and travel in Honduras many times during the past few years. They have reported that Honduras is highly affordable and has a lot to offer the foreign traveler, investor, or would-be retiree.

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