Roatan Honduras Real Estate Company

Honduras Customs

Customs on Items Brought by Travelers

All personal belongings can be brought in duty free if you are just visiting. If you wish to leave any personal items, you are allowed up to $1,000 per family on your incoming flight.

There are restrictions on certain foods brought into the country.  A list of restricted foods that may be confiscated by Honduras customs officials is available.

Shipping to Roatan

There are four shipping companies servicing the island of Roatan: Jackson Shipping from Tampa, Hyde Shipping out of Miami, Carnival from Morgan City, and Caribbean Shipping out of Bayou le Batre, Alabama. The cost of the shipping varies with weight and size as does the duty costs depending on the item. Many boats ship from the mainland of Honduras to Roatan very inexpensively.

Special Incentives for Retirees

If you need another reason to consider the idea of retiring to Honduras, consider the government’s generous incentive program offered to all foreign retirees, which is comparable to the former pensioado program in Costa Rica. Once you acquire residency, you are allowed a one-time exemption from all import duty. Before you move, make a list of everything that you will be bringing into the country and have it notarized by an official of a Honduran Embassy or Consulate in the United States.

After you acquire your residency papers, you will need to present this list to the customs agent at the airport or at the port if you ship your items by freighter. You may include any kind of household goods, appliances, personal effects, and clothing. Furthermore, as a foreign retired resident of Honduras, you are permitted to import one car and one boat duty free. Every five years you may trade your car or sell it and bring in another one duty-free.