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Staying in Honduras  - Visas and Residency

Foreigners may visit Honduras for up to 30 days without a visa renewal.  You must have your visa renewed every 30 days by the Honduran Immigration Service if you do not have Honduran residency.  The renewal requires a fee.  You must leave the country every 6 months for a minimum of three days if you do not have your residency. If you want to avoid the paper work involved with acquiring residency, you can make a quick three-day trip to a neighboring county.

A six-month visa may be obtained from your nearest Honduran consulate or embassy and should also be done when processing documents for residency.

Before you begin the application process for a residence visa, get your paper work in order among other things, you will need a passport valid for at least one year from the date of your application, a birth certificate, a certificate of health, a letter of reference from your local police department, a letter of reference concerning your financial situation (this can be from your bank or an employer), and three passport photos.

The Consulate of Honduras will tell you what documents are currently needed. All of this paper work should be submitted to the nearest Honduran consulate or embassy. Charges for document processing differ by consulate or embassy location but should run between $300 to $500. To obtain residency status, a foreigner must show that he has permanent income from abroad in the amount of not less than $600 per month if the status applied for is a resident pensioned, $1,000 per month if the status applied for is a resident rentista. You should engage a Honduran lawyer to assist you with the residency application process. After you have resided in the country for three consecutive years, you are eligible to apply for Honduran citizenship.

Advantages of Honduran Residency

If you have residency status, you can bring in all your household items at one time with a duty free exemption under some residencies. You may bring in a new car and boat every 5 years if you have a retired residency status.  Several attorneys specialize in helping you with a residency for Honduras.