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Things to Do on Roatan

Many enthusiasts are drawn to Roatan beacause of the sea - scuba diving, snorkeling, sea kayaking, and swimming are enjoyed most of the year due to comfortable water temperature and the beautiful, clear water.

Other popular hobbies on the island include charter boats, deep sea fishing, horseback riding, sailing, salt water fly fishing, and souvenir shopping.  Dolphins and whales swim in the waters of Roatan.  You may see dolphins in a salt water aquarium at Anthoney's Key resort.

Tour drivers are available to show you the island - the spectacular views, the shipwrecks, and the Garifuna cultural village.  You may take dory (long wooden boat) rides through lanes cut in the mangrove trees in the fishing village of Oak Ridge.

Ask your tour guide about the fascinating history of the islands - about the Mayan Indians, the pirates raids of villages and Spanish gold ships, the visit by Christopher Columbus, and the wars for control of the islands.  Local lore about ghosts and buried gold still abound.


The climate is warm and humid.  It is usually in the 80s. The dress for the entire island is casual. Comfortable cool clothing that is light weight and light colored  is recommended. The dress is still casual at the better restaurants in the evening.

There are mosquitoes and sand flies but if you use repellent you shouldn’t be bothered. Hurricanes are few and far between. Honduras is not in the main path of the hurricanes. They typically turn north to the United States.  Roatan enjoys trade winds the majority of the year to make the warm climate even more comfortable.

Traveling to Roatan by Plane

TACA, LACSA, American Airlines, Continental Airlines, and Air Costa Rica provide direct flights between Honduras and cities in the North and Central Americas. Direct flights to Roatan’s International Airport from Miami, Houston and New Orleans, are provided by TACA weekly. SOSA, Islena, and Atlantic Air provide domestic air service.

Traveling by Private Yacht

Yachts must first stop at the immigration office in Coxen Hole for entry clearance.  There are various marinas on the island, including Fantasy Island, French Harbor Yacht Club, and Brick Bay Marina. There are dry docks in French Harbor for repairs.

Ground Transportation

The island is easy to navigate by car but always drive a road in the daytime before you try it at night. A paved road runs east-west from Oak Ridge to West End Village and to West Bay Beach. There are several roads being paved or have been paved recently with many dirt or gravel side roads. Driving is on the right side of the road. There are several car rental companies on the island. Drivers are required to show a valid drivers license and major credit card or a cash deposit. There also are taxis and buses. You should always negotiate the price before you hire a taxi, and compare with other taxi fares.

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